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One of the best and the most innovative insurance

for world wide

One of the best and the most innovative insurance solutions for world wide with a focus on research and development, D&S Global Insurance has stopped with the normative focus on providing a general insurance policy to all types of customers like many companies do and has started providing customized, personalized and focalized policies to our special clients.


We have created clientele that has been with us for years now; we take pride in serving our customers with the best possible rates, strategies and policies that allow our customers to feel a peace of mind.


Working together with businesses and companies, we don’t leave anything for chance; our policies are directly correlated with our customers, and personalization is a key element when it comes to how our company delivers insurance.


We do NOT believe in bringing any sort of insurance to our customer that can possibly leave them uninsured during their times of need; we work hard to ensure our customers that we have their backs. Our employees are talented, young and driven insurance brokers that not only device genius policies for our customers and day-to-day general insurance brackets but also for major corporations, businesses and special customers.


D&S Global Insurance is not only reputed in the insurance world for our acclaimed policies which are 17 in number but also for our strict employee contraction procedures. We employee people that are strongly driven to serve the people all over the world with a keen focus on bringing policies to our clients which are factually better than our competitors.


D&S Global Insurance is your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. Whether you’re an individual looking to insure his or her life, are a company that is looking to make its future much securer and safer with our insurance backing or are an organization that wants various sorts of insurances from us to keep corporate functions smooth, flowing and consistent.


Contact us today to start your insurance with us. We’re reliable, always on time and we love our customers. Starting your insurance with us will be the best decision you can make! Feel free, with peace of mind like never before. We make sure that you, your family, your business and everything in between is covered.


Choose your plan the right way with our customer support and company representatives and feel comfortable with our insurance policy selection process. We will provide you with a policy that will beat the rest of the market and make the process of selecting said policy easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to claim.


Contact us today through the D&S Global website or through the official D&S Global email info@dsglobal.nl. You can also contact us to avail our services and book an appointment to meet one of our company’s representative by calling here +31 85 049 27 61


We hope to see you through our doors soon and leave with a smiling face and an amazing policy for the future.