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Simply, the cargo insurance gives a cost useful way of covering yourself for physical loss or damage to goods in transportation, and also covering of your client. It provides additional importance to your clients and also helps you in differentiating from your competition.

D&S Global strives to bring our customers with the best Cargo Insurance on the market; we provide groundbreaking and innovative strategies to the market when it comes to Cargo Insurance in order to facilitate and enable our customers to be stress free in tough times.

With our innovative cargo insurance policies, we hope to complete change how the market works in the world and bring the market to a completely new level.

Kinds of cargo insurance:

Cargo insurance provides Land Cargo Insurance and Marine Cargo Insurance.

  • Land cargo insurance provides exposure for all the land transportations covering trucks and other usefulness vehicles. This provides coverage from the risks such as collision damages and from goods been stolen.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance This insurance provides coverage on transportation carried out either in sea or by air. Here, goods are covered from damage due loading and unloading of cargo, weather unforeseen events, robbery of ships and other related issues.

Why to use Cargo Insurance:

Following are some of the reasons you need cargo insurance for your shipping.

  • Reduce possibility to Financial lose If you’re exporting something and have not paid for the cargo at the time of delivery, or you’re an importer who has paid for all or for some part of the goods earlier to receiving them then there is a risk of suffering from financial loss if the goods are damaged or lost during transportation. Here cargo insurance will help you.
  • Accelerate the speed of your cargo Sometimes you may be essential to send a cash deposit in order to attain discharge of your cargo. Still there was no loss or damage to your cargo. But by insured of cargo insurance, your insurance company takes the responsibility and accelerates the release of your goods.
  • Saves you from cargo robbery Cargo robbery is on the rise, especially through character theft and fabricated pickups. So cargo insurance covers you from happening of this disaster.

Benefits of cargo insurance:
Cargo insurance gives coverage of transportation carried out in land (road/rail), air, water, and courier. Following are some of the benefits of this insurance:

Risk Coverage
This coverage provides wide protection against damage or loss due to outside aspects. These Damages can occur due to improper packing, swarm, cargo desertion, customs denial and from worker’s fraudulence.

Free From Particular Average Coverage
The important aspect of this phrase is that the transporter does not pay for slight losses and is only held accountable in case of major losses to the cargo. This insurance coverage belongs to special class and covers particular risks only. In this policy, following risks are included:


storm cloud


train leaves its track




D&S Global is the company you can rely on for Cargo Insurance; we provide top-of-the-line, innovative and groundbreaking insurance to our customers that enables them to quickly and successfully file claims during cargo related incidents.