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Insurance isn’t a privilege, it’s a necessity.

For an international countries, there cannot be conventional insurance policies; with so many diverse events and such a detailed background, insurance policies cannot be the same here as they are all over the world.

We formed our insurance company D&S Global Insurance over 10 years ago to provide local businesses, companies and individuals with our services to not only enhance their lives but also enhance their businesses.

We are a group of professional insurance brokers that have created our insurance policies focused and focalized towards our clients; innovation is our strong suit and our policies reflect that.

Compared to our competitors, D&S Global Insurance is the most innovative and record breaking insurance company that is currently operating World wide. Our competitors have seen our level of innovation and have amended their own services accordingly.

Giving a strong focus towards research and development, we work together with our clients to create customized, prioritized and personalized insurance policies that match their requirements precisely. We do not believe in bringing our customers a generalized policy idea; instead, we make sure that our special customers get special policies created just for them.

In a world where insurance is considered a privilege, D&S Global Insurance believes it’s your right. Bringing you social security, peace of mind mentally and strong support in times of need.

We started out our company believing that the rules needed to be changed regarding how Insurance is delivered to the people and the work we do and the policies we create reflect that change. The creators of D&S Global didn’t believe in making the people feel insurance is a privilege; instead, with years of experience and years of research and development, the policies we’ve created have been acclaimed by both professionals, our critics
and our beloved customers.

How did our insurance policies become some of the best in the World? Our answer is simple: innovation and understanding the market requirements. We do not import any policies from external sources; we observe market data throughout the World and create policies that directly benefit locals. It’s highly important for D&S Global to create a

safe zone for providing amazing policies and create trust between the insurance company and the clients.

Our professionals reflect our company policies well too; we collectively serve the people with a serious intention for making their lives better. In any circumstance, we want our customers to know that their insurance company is right beside them, helping them through the thick and the thin and giving those reasons to feel satisfied, happy and free in their lives.

Let us be the insurance company that powers your company, your business or your life and
allow us the privilege to help you in times of need.

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To become the leading and most trustworthy provider of (re)insurance worldwide.


To build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients by providing insurance products & services that exceed expectations in line with our corporate values


To protect people, businesses, and the public in worldwide against general and hard-to-place risks