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Mankind was gifted with the ability to fly with our metal contraptions but no one ever told man that this gift of fast transportation would bring a slew of problems with it. In this modern day and age, we see major cargo shipped through airlines that can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or in the millions.

Anything can go wrong in the air and many times even fully loaded cargo planes can be subject to engine failure mid-air; having the proper aviation insurance can help you a lot.

D&S Global is your go to insurance company for the most innovative and the most groundbreaking insurance policies on the market. Our Aviation Insurance brings major changes in the insurance market in the world. We are the leading innovation market in the country which is sending major shockwaves through the Insurance world.

Buyers of Aviation Insurance

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Aircrew
  • Passengers
  • Air shippers of goods
  • Lessors
  • Conventional gliders
  • Air-craft manufacturers
  • Private owners
  • Commercial aircraft operations

Types of coverage offered

  • Loss of License
  • Personal Accident
  • Aviation Hull Risks
  • Hull War, Hijacking
  • Spare engine and Spare risks
  • Liabilities to Third parties
  • Liabilities to passengers
  • Liabilities to Mail
  • Liabilities to cargo

Importance of Aviation insurance
There is a major difference between going 60 KM/H vs going 1800 KM/H; it’s important to note that modern supersonic aircrafts may be safe, but there are no guarantees when it comes to how safe they are.

We here at D&S Global believe that any company, industry or an individual cannot complete afford any, most or all of the damages that are incurred during a mishap. As a result, any misfortunate event can result in the risk of complete financial downfall. This is one of the major reasons why the enterprise aviation insurance has been continued and actively promoted

Public Liability Insurance
Often referred to as the third party liability, we cover the aircraft owners for damage that their aircraft does to things like properties, cars, houses, crops etc. that are struck in any occurring collision. Any loss in life will be compensated by us in case of an unfortunate event.

Passenger liability Insurance
Passenger liability protects passengers that are inside an aircraft and are injured or killed; for large aircrafts and general commercial aircraft services, this is mandatory.

Ground hull risks Insurance
We provide coverage and insure the aircraft against damage when the aircraft is not in motion and is on ground. Protection for the aircraft include theft, vandalism, mudslides, animal damage, windstorms, vehicles damage among other things.

In-flight insurance
Our In-flight insurance covers and protects against issues, accidents and mishaps that occur in all phases during a flight or ground operation. This includes when the air craft if parked, stored or otherwise.
Don’t take the risk of not being insured; we are your aviation insurance geniuses and we provide our services extensively and focus them directly towards our customers, bringing them the best returns, best offers and the best rates in case any mishap would occur.
Get D&S Global’s groundbreaking and innovative Insurance Policy and secure yourself, your business and your customers.