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We provide
a slew of insurances

D&S Global is most competent, innovative and research-oriented insurance company with a slew of young, aspiring and professional insurance brokers that create policies oriented towards customer enablement, customer engagement, customer ease, and customer comfort.

Our services provide top-quality insurance coverage that is evident from our customer base; we have been serving our clients for years now and have the highest and the best claim rates on the market.

All of our policies are focalized towards our customers, their families, their businesses (big or small) as well as towards their employees.

We look towards the professional consultation of our customers before lending them any of our policies. We believe that each and every individual or business that comes to us for insurance needs to know what they’re looking at, and how it can benefit them.


We have many types of professionals working for us; from the customer-managing company representatives that will provide you with information about which policies you or your business may need. These representatives have been trained extensively through in-house training methods which allow them to give our customers the best possible advice for their situation. We believe in providing relevant services to our customers instead of giving them an insurance policy that is nullified for their condition in the future.

We also have young professional, talented and passionate insurance brokers that are there to work with customers. Our policies not only reflect the Islamic nature, but also reflect general principles to enable and provide for our customers.

We create policies that provide our customers with comfort, peace of mind and security for themselves, their business and their families.

Our Business

D&S Global was made for our customers and provide the people a reliable, helpful and resourceful insurance company that is corporately active, is experienced and has young, talented insurance brokers to help the general population and help them get the proper insurance they want/need.

Our motto is simple; enable the people to get insurance and secure their personal, business and familial lives and improve it for the better.

D&S Global

Our extensive insurance policies that are available for almost every kind of situation, company, person, corporation or business is hand-crafted from top to bottom in order to provide the best possible coverage and allow claims to be easily filed, accepted and forwarded in the shortest periods of time.

With the combined efforts between our company management, employees and professionals, we have created D&S Global that is not only one of the best insurance company in Europe but is increasing its grip to reach international levels and standards.