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D&S Global guarantees you,
a private owner, company and/or government of all the deposits in a bank up to a certain amount. We will provide you with inherent insurance policies that will bring you the most effective and easy solutions in case of unforeseen circumstance.

We strive to bring excellence towards your banking needs and give you the best possible assurances that we have your back in case of unforeseen circumstances; this includes privately owned companies, individuals and businesses.

We are world’s most innovative and groundbreaking insurance company that has brought about massive changes in how Banking insurance works. We provide fierce competition to our competitors through our innovative policies that is unmatched by the market.

Crime and risks for financial institutions
This policy is designed to facilitate against crime and risks for bankers and finance companies. The policies covers different sorts of losses that are related to dishonest employees, fraud, forgery, theft etc. Our insurance is effective and focused towards your financial institution.

We will help you against any sort of infidelity of employees; we cover a loss of property because of different types of fraudulent activities that may result in an improper or an unjust financial gain that results in the loss of the financial institute.

Cover for the loss of insured customer’s property due to home invasions, theft, destruction, misplacement, etc.

Any sort of loss faced by the employee during transit that can cause physical, mental or financial loss is covered by us. This includes the damages done to the vehicle if the employee was driving a company vehicle.

Damage to offices and contents are also covered by our services; any loss suffered because of the content loss by the owner in case of an unfortunate event is covered by D&S Global. Damage can be caused by vandalism, robbery, theft, electronic equipment failure will not be.

Helping keep insurance, safety and a trust in the financial institution, our services cover a vast majority of the damages caused by the aforementioned; we control outcomes and provide efficient results in case of mishaps.

Banks are often allowed and encourage lending and investing money with them in order for safe-keeping. If in case that a bank’s borrowers fails to return the money, the investors of the bank and all the deposits risk a loss.

Our Banking insurance was created in order to protect smaller unit banks, businesses and individuals against different sorts of risks and losses.

We’re here to help
D&S Global will cover your risks and have your back in times of loss, risks and liabilities. We strive to bring the best possible returns for any sort of losses you have as well as deal with external agencies, third parties on your behest.

Whether you’re a small business, a private company, a financial institute or even an individual business, we strive to bring your ambitions a safeguard that will allow your financial situation to not be manipulated by unforeseen or unfortunate events.

Join us on our mission to provide innovative insurance solutions to world's businesses, corporations and businesses with market leading solutions.